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How To Install Single Ball End Strings On Any Headless Guitar

Headless guitars often require double ball end strings, but the story doesn’t end there.  String adapters can be used to hold the string on the top neck end so that any, that right any set of single ball end strings can be used for your guitar. Checkout Our String Adapters Now

Single Ball End Strings Adapter

Don’t get us wrong, double ball end strings are great but even if you don’t use single ball end strings you will want a string adapter.  Waiting for that moment when you are on the road and you can’t find double ball at the local stores, the string adapter is an ace up the sleeve. Worried about installing?  A Breeze.  TakeRead the rest of this page »

What Size String Adapter Does My Guitar Need?

Here is the common guide to selecting the correct adapter for your instrument.  The process is easy, and essentially all you need to know if what instrument you have weather it is a bass or electric guitar and how many strings it has. (1) First choose your model. 4-string bass 1-1/2″ (38mm)…….fits Steinberger (Newburgh-era, Spirit, USA) — Hohner — Cort 5-string bassRead the rest of this page »

String Adapter Installation Onto a Headless Guitar

  String adapters are easy to use, and easy to install. Looking at the image on the right, you can see the adapter by itself and the an adapter that has been successfully installed onto a Steinberger headless instrument. A simple way to install an adapter is to take all the strings off your instrument and thread the new stringsRead the rest of this page »

Headless Guitar String Adapters Shipped Overseas To UK

Yes! We will ship anywhere!  For less than $6 we will ship our headless guitar string adapters anywhere you play!  Here is a complete list of countries we serve: Afghanistan 2 Akrotiri 3 Albania 4 Algeria 5 American Samoa 6 Andorra 7 Angola 8 Anguilla 9 Antarctica 10 Antigua and Barbuda 11 Argentina 12 Armenia 13 Aruba 14 Ashmore and Cartier IslandsRead the rest of this page »

What is the best way to play any string I want on a headless bass guitar?

String adapters are inexpensive, simple to use and easy to carry everywhere. Even those that swear by double ball end strings are still keeping an adapter on hand. That way in the odd case that they are traveling and a string breaks they have the option of using any set of standard single ball end strings that they want. JustRead the rest of this page »

String adapters for new instruments

If you have a new instrument or an instrument that isn’t listed contact us. We will be happy to build a custom option for you.  

High Quality Headless Guitar String Adapter

No one beats the quality, price and options that we do here at StringAdapter.com Any color available with special request. Special builds available upon request.    

Cort Headless Guitar String Adapter

Cort Headless Guitar string adapter is the perfect way to use any string at any time. Double ball end strings are hard to find at times, an adapter offers the ability to use any single or double ball end string. Plus it’s easy to install (effortless) its the way to go!  

Hohner headless guitar string adapter

Hohner headless guitars are an excellent travel guitar and of course a great fashion statement as well as a amazing playing instrument. A string adapter is an inexpensive way to adapt your guitar to any string made. This versatility should be at your fingertips even if you don’t plan on using it, it’s nice to know you you have thatRead the rest of this page »

We are all about headless innovation! Our adapters are made and shipped from the USA just like the original STEINBERGER headless guitars were. We ship worldwide! ----- Headless Design Team