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How To Install Single Ball End Strings On Any Headless Guitar

Headless guitars often require double ball end strings, but the story doesn’t end there.  String adapters can be used to hold the string on the top neck end so that any, that right any set of single ball end strings can be used for your guitar.

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Single Ball End Strings Adapter

Don’t get us wrong, double ball end strings are great but even if you don’t use single ball end strings you will want a string adapter.  Waiting for that moment when you are on the road and you can’t find double ball at the local stores, the string adapter is an ace up the sleeve.

Worried about installing?  A Breeze.  Take the adapter and thread your strings through it; the string tension will tighten and hold the adapter against the end of the neck.  Really, its that easy!




String adapters for new instruments

If you have a new instrument or an instrument that isn’t listed contact us. We will be happy to build a custom option for you.



High Quality Headless Guitar String Adapter

No one beats the quality, price and options that we do here at Any color available with special request. Special builds available upon request.




Steinberger Headless Guitar String Adapter

Using a string adapter for your headless guitar is easy and very inexpensive. Ned Steinberger originally pioneer the headless guitar market in the early eighties and a plethora of other manufacturers joined him shortly thereafter.