What Size String Adapter Does My Guitar Need?

Here is the common guide to selecting the correct adapter for your instrument.  The process is easy, and essentially all you need to know if what instrument you have weather it is a bass or electric guitar and how many strings it has.

(1) First choose your model.

  • 4-string bass 1-1/2″ (38mm)…….fits Steinberger (Newburgh-era, Spirit, USA) — Hohner — Cort
  • 5-string bass 1-1/2″ (38mm)…….fits earlier Steinberger Newburgh-era L2 with narrow nut or conversion kit
  • 5-string bass 1-3/4″ (45mm)…….fits later Steinberger (Newburgh-era, Spirit, USA) — Hohner — Cort
  • 6-string guitar 1-5/8″ (41mm)……fits Steinberger (Newburgh-era, Spirit, USA) — Hohner — Cort


(2) Then choose your material.

  • Aluminum….. silver colored lightweight metal won’t change tonal balance of your instrument.
  • Brass……….. gold colored heavyweight metal which some folks say adds to sustain.


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